If you have been interested in becoming a barber but you aren't 100 percent sure what you need to do to get started, you have to start by looking at different training options. Different schools are going to have different programs and schedules which could work with your current schedule and you'll want to see if you have the time. Here are a few of the things that you'll want to talk with the schools about and try before you start your training.


There are going to be some prerequisites you have to obtain before you can apply for barber school. The schools will require that you are enrolled in high school and you are doing a duel education program, that you have graduated from high school or that you have a GED. You will have to contact the school that you want to attend to see what their specific requirements for barber school are.


The cost of the schooling will depend on the school, but for students in high school it may be possible to go to the schooling for free as part of a duel enrollment program. If not, you can look to see if the school has payment options, and you may be able to apply for financial aid. The cost will vary on the type of program you choose and the amount of supplies needed. The school may also offer grants or scholarships to certain students based on need.

Get a Related Job

While you are going through school you should try to get a job at a barber shop or a salon. That way you can see what the workers do on a regular basis, you can learn about the state laws and regulations, and you can learn to interact with the clients. This could also be a potential job lead when you are done with your training.

There are a lot of people that have successful careers and make a lot of money working as a barber, so if you want to pursue this career you have the opportunity to make a living. You can decide how much you want to work and what type of contract you have. Some people find a shop and pay a booth rental, and others will work strictly off commission. Start investigating the business and get enrolled in a schooling plan that fits for you right away.