A curriculum gives teachers an idea about what topics children should be taught and how those topics are best taught. There are several curriculum books for preschools that are used by both large and small preschools. However, many parents do not take advantage of these resources. But whether you send your child to a preschool or take care of them at home full-time, there are several reasons that you should consider reading and owning at least a few preschool curriculum guides. 

Curriculum Guides Give You Ideas for Age-Appropriate Activities

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of preschool curriculum guides is that they usually contain a wealth of various activities that can be done in groups or as individuals. This can be an excellent resource for you when you run out of ideas for things to do with your toddler or young child. Instead of turning on the television while you make dinner, you can find ways to get your child engaged with important skill-development by helping in the kitchen or doing an art project nearby. 

Curriculum Guides Can Help You Pick a Preschool 

If you are struggling to find a preschool that you feel comfortable with, purchasing different curriculum guides can give you a better idea of what your child will experience at different preschools. For example, you may purchase both Montessori and Waldorf guides and try a few activities from them to help you find the best fit for your child.

Besides simply listing activities, curriculum guides contain reasoning for each activity and tips for engaging children. Understanding the approach that caregivers follow can help you match a system with your child's individual needs.  

Curriculum Guides Can Help You Structure Your Child's Time

If you have your child home with you all day, you may find that you often have times when your child is cranky, bored, or restless. Curriculum guides can give you a better understanding of how to layer activities in a way that can keep your child engaged and prevent emotional meltdowns. They can also give you a good idea of how long a child will spend completing various activities. Even if your child attends preschool full-time, such as at Family Ties Child Center, a curriculum guide can give you a better understand of activity-flow for your time together during evenings and weekends. 

Preschool curriculum guides are not just for teachers and administrators. They can also be a useful tool for parents of young children and at-home caregivers.