You love your child and you want to help them grow in social abilities and education as much as possible. Science has shown that when children are born, they have almost as many neurons in their brain as they will ever need in adulthood. More impressively, infants as young as 4 months of age have many more synapses, or brain connectors, than adults do. The more a child's brain is stimulated, the more synapses they keep since the brain eliminates connections as they are not used. This means the earlier you begin to socialize and educate your young child, the more of their brain connectors they will keep, which can help make it easier for them to learn new things as they grow. If you are considering ways you can help your child grow, consider daycare if they are too young for a preschool program. Here is what to look for in a daycare facility.

Educated leaders

A daycare that has teachers that have been educated in early child development, speech therapy, or another form of early child learning skills can be very beneficial in helping your child grow. Many of these types of specialized daycare facilities can be found in the private sector. When interviewing daycare personnel to see if a facility is a match for you and your child's needs, ask about special skills or education their staff has.

Interactive activities

A daycare is an excellent place for your child to learn to socialize with other children close to their own age. Make sure a daycare offers plenty of exciting and interactive activities, such as outdoor play time, memory or word games, and sharing time to teach children how to be socially polite to one another. A daycare should care about more than making sure your child is watched, fed, and played with while you are away from them, they should care about encouraging children to play safely with one another as well via interactive toys and games.

Learning time

Even if your child is still very young and unable to comprehend most concepts, such as colors, shapes, or even most words, they should still be exposed to a learning experience at an early age. Choose a daycare center that has open learning time for their charges, such as learning shapes of blocks or watching a show about the alphabet. Your child may not appear to pay attention, but will over time retain the new information they are exposed to and will feel encouraged to explore and be curious as a result.

Interview many daycare facilities in your area to see the type of activities and level of care they offer the children they watch every day. The right daycare program will help your child not only learn to socialize and feel comfortable away from you, it will teach them how to explore new things and be excited to learn.