The decision to school a child from the home requires strong parental commitment and a willingness to seek educational resources to instruct children or learning groups. Students can learn online, electronically, through books, hands-on instruction, and attending specific classes as desired, among many other alternatives. Instructors need to be flexible as they work with their unique students and children. Homeschools can be difficult without a strong learning plan and learning outcomes. Instructors and students should meet together and decide difficulty, pace, and long-term goals. They can discuss learning styles and ways the student enjoys learning.

Identifying Learning Methods

Each student is a unique individual and requires a specific learning model. Even within the same family, two children will need their own books and tools. As a teacher or parent spends time with the student, the learning method will become clear. According to researchers, there are seven styles of learning: visual, aural, verbal, physical, solitary, social, and logical. Instructors will want to select multiple styles as they instruct students and help them in their pursuit of further education. The use of multiple styles will aide children as they progress through life.

Identifying Learning Resources

Based on the student's preferred learning style, a teacher can begin to identify resources to use to instruct the student. Spending a few hours online, speaking with others, and researching available curriculum can help in knowing how to guide a student's learning. Many homeschool instructors write blogs and post resources they used. Social networks will contain individual lesson ideas that can be incorporated. Many colleges are developing online high school courses for distant learning and homeschooling. In addition, major companies have developed curriculum and market it to parents and home school groups.

Purchasing Resources

After identifying resources wanted or desired, the instructor can then find appropriate venues to purchase or acquire the resources like WorkAbilities, Inc. Occasionally the parent or instructor will want additional flexibility than a chartered course or book. Some home school education companies allow custom orders where instructors select specific lesson plans and outlines.

As teachers and students work together, the teacher will better identify learning methods which will enable improved selection and acquisition of learning resources. By working closely, students can better enjoy their education journey. Homeschooling will allow learning flexibility instead of a rigid, structured learning method. Through the appropriate use of resources, learning methods, and models, a student's individual learning goals can be achieved.