Is your child getting ready to start preschool? If so, it may be difficult trying to figure out a good routine. It may even just be difficult to get your child up and out of bed in the morning. Here are six effective ways to help your child to get ready in the morning:

  1. Make a Music Playlist: Consider making a playlist that you can associate with each task that your child needs to do to get ready in the morning. This way you can make it clear that your child needs to be done with the task before each song is over. Of course, this playlist should be full of your child's favorite songs in order to motivate them. 
  2. Make a Checklist the Night Before: By sitting down with your child and creating a checklist, you can ask what they think needs to be added to it in order to ensure that they are aware that their opinion is important. In the morning, when your child is checking off the items on the list, it will give him or her an empowered feeling that will help bring motivation to their morning routine, as well. 
  3. Play Pretend: The night before, consider playing out your child's morning routine with their stuffed animals or barbie dolls. By adding some humor into it and having fun with playing it out, it can get your child interested and help them play out how their morning needs to be done.
  4. Make it a Race: Many children respond well to timers and it may motivate them to want to beat the timer. You could make it into a race, which is especially fun if you have more than one child to get ready in the morning. They could race and whoever finishes getting ready first wins!
  5. Play Dress Up: The night before, consider having your child pick out their outfit, especially if you have a child who may be a bit of a diva and enjoys to play dress up. Allow them to get creative with their outfits. However, be sure to hide the clothes you don't want them wearing to school so that they at least end up in an outfit that is comfortable and appropriate. Once they wake up in the morning, they will be excited to get dressed in the outfit they chose.
  6. Give Rewards: By insisting that your child get ready in time and without fighting it in order to get rewarded, you are showing some positive reinforcement that can motive your child in the morning. Consider buying them a new toy over the weekend if they did well with their morning routine that week, or add a nice reward in their lunchbox for that day.

By making some fun out of your child's morning routine, starting preschool shouldn't be as difficult as it may otherwise seem. You should also consider contacting your local preschool or learning center, like Pioneer Career & Technology Center or others, and asking your child's future teacher about other before-school strategies.